A System For Predictable Real Fitness Results

All of our programs are built around the 4 Pillars Every Fitness Routine Should include to Produce Real Results:


➡️ Enjoyable, Safe, Doctor-Approved Workout Programs to make sure you're Getting Stronger while Protecting You From Injury


➡️ We've partnered with experts in the industry to create the world's Simplest, Most Effective Nutrition Plan. No guesswork. No fad diets where you gain the weight right back. This is a process for learning how to eat for life.


➡️ Bullet-proof Results because our staff is with you every step of the way insuring your results with Next-Level Accountability Techniques.


➡️ The real secret weapon here at Pathway. When you join with us, not only do you get a great coaching staff giving you all of the resources you need to be successful, you also get an Amazing Community of Motivated People all working to be the best version of themselves with you.

Everything we do is customized to our clients. Schedule your consultation now to get started moving towards your fitness goals now.

6 Week Lifestyle Fitness Challenge

In this program, we give you everything you need to see real, sustainable results fast.

Our clients lose on average 12-17 lbs in the first 6 weeks.

You get:

✅ Workouts Customized for you

✅ The World's Simplest Nutrition Plan

✅ Hands-on Accountability (so your coach is with you every step of the way)

✅ +7 Great Bonuses That Make Sticking to the Plan as Easy as Possible.

Man, I can't stress how awesome this 6 Week Challenge was... I lost 17lbs and my wife lost 10lbs in 6 weeks... They gave us workout programs and recipes and everything you needed to succeed.. Rex and Jonathon and the rest of the team are truly amazing and I can’t stress enough to give this challenge a try if you are needing a kickstart in your fitness journey.

Chris M.

Google Review

Limitless Pathway

The last fitness program you'll ever need.

Our 12-month program absolutely transforms the way you think about fitness, nutrition, exercise and so much more.

Benefits our clients have reported to us from our Limitless Pathway Program:


✅Better Energy

✅More Productive

✅More Confidence

✅More Available to Their Family

✅Less Stress

✅Less Medication

✅And So Much More...

I started working out with Rex in February 2019. After a previous bad experience with a trainer from a big-name chain gym, I was cautious and frankly a little scared.

Let me just say that the guys at Pathway Training know their stuff! ... I am now doing exercises in my workouts that I never thought I would be able to do again!... With every single workout, I am getting stronger and closer to my goals!

I am feeling so much better with little to no back pain which is huge for me! To top it all off, friends and family are starting to comment that I look great or I’m losing weight!

Stacey C.

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Hybrid Training/Virtual Coaching

All of our programs are available in person, or virtually through our Pathway Training App.

Have your coach in your pocket at all times, anywhere in the world.

You get:

✅ Effective Workouts on Your Schedule

✅ Done in the gym, hotels, or even at home

✅ In-app Accountability and Support

✅ Simple Effective Nutrition Coaching

In 2 months:

-I lost 6% body fat

-I have much more daily energy

-I am trained to have much more productive personal workouts

-I’ve connected with trainers (Jonathan and Rex) that continue to track and motivate future results

Greg H.

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All of Our Programs Are Guaranteed

If you do your part, and you don't feel like we did everything to help you hit your goals, we will coach you for free until you get there.

Our consultation is a No-Pressure opportunity to see if our program is the best fit for you, and to see if you're a good fit for us.

Sign up today so we can get you moving towards your fitness goals now!

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