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The Roadmap To Long Term Sustainable Fitness Results

goal setting Jan 06, 2021

What's the difference between hitting your goals with consistency and enjoying the process vs not?

Doing the prep work. Check out this bonus lesson from Rex and Jonathan about setting up the best Roadmap for yourself to make sustainable fitness results that last, and enjoy your life in the process. 

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Full Transcription Below:


Hey guys, and welcome to the Road Map Series. This is the clear path to sustainable long lasting fitness results. My name is Rex Andrews.


And I'm Jonathan Canales.


And we're here in the Pathway studio, and we're bringing you guys this series, because this is something that we noticed that a lot of times when people are starting with their fitness results, they think things exist in a bubble, right Jonathan?


Yeah. It's just like, whatever it is, whether it's like a New Year's resolution or you just have that moment in the mirror where it's like, "I got to do something," that next step...

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