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Your Energy Shouldn't Suck

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2021

Do you want to know to gain more energy?

Is walking for 15 minutes seems like an impossible task for you? 

We've all had those moments at some point. We feel like we're draining so much energy even if we are just sitting.

Now those days are gone. 

Do you know who's to blame for that?


Generate that powerful energy.

The most generic answer you'll ever get from people when asking how they are doing is "I'm so tired".

We accept tiredness as a state where we are supposed to be when it's not.

Coffee and energy drinks are suspects why our energy drops. We've been too dependent on coffee, and energy drinks to carry us throughout the day.

But the fact is, it's bringing us down. 

Energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine and sugar. If you are trying to get in shape, that's a BIG NO.

There are ways to boost your energy.

Meet the 5 Energy Levers.


What we put in our bodies, fuels our bodies. It's what keeps our bodies going daily.

Imagine yourself filling up with junk. Your body will have a hard time dealing with that junk. 

It slows your system down, and instead of using that food for energy, it's going to burn more energy.


Demand more from your body to avoid being tired.

The more you stay idle, the less your body would be able to push out energy since it's unusual for your body to exert energy to move. 

That's why some people can do extreme or intense work out while still having enough strength.

Their bodies are used to being productive that they are more capable of pushing out more compared to others. 

Prioritize movements to move better.


I can't stress this out enough - this is more important than having to spend an extra hour watching your favorite show on Netflix.

Getting a good amount of sleep will do amazing wonders for your body. 

It resets our minds and renews our energy for the next day.

Avoid cutting sleep, don't rely on coffee to as it will not let you perform best. 


In our previous blog, we talked about why having an all-or-nothing mindset will drain you in a snap. 

It's not a smart thing to constantly push yourself to the edge of exhaustion.

Fitness is about staying in shape, constantly moving, and being smart with your body.

Depriving yourself in recovering can cause injuries or soreness since you didn't allow yourself to heal.

To feel better, recover. 


How smart are you in staying fit? 

The key to that is executing a killer game plan. 

Crush your goals by following a game plan.

Need to have that right intention so you won't be overwhelmed. 

Being smart in attacking will save you a great amount of energy since you have that

specific plan.

if you have the right approach, there will be no excuses. 


Increase energy, increase the quality of life. 

Ready to live a life full of energy?


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