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Why Diet Don't Work

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021

Dieting is an abused tool in the health and fitness industry.

I remember reading that line while browsing the internet. 

I couldn't agree more. There are better options or approaches. 

We just need to change how we see our relationship with food

Getting healthier shouldn't be miserable and frustrating.

Some people would really push themselves with a certain diet. Yes, it can help you lose weight. 

Then what? After that round of diet, you get the same weight you lost or what's even worse is that you gain more than what you initially lost. 

It's not helpful if you are restricting yourself from enjoying the food you want to eat all the time because that's become all that we think about eating. 

Although, we all know the health rule:

You are what you eat. 

That means when you eat healthier food you get great results. 

Eat unhealthy food, you get bad results. 

But diet is not the answer to losing weight. 

Working out does. 

Explore other options where you can still lose a good amount of weight. 

You stay healthy, you get on the right track, and get in touch with a nutrition coach.

Don't look for results right now, look to get healthy.

It's a fact. That people want instant results, and that's why people would do anything to get the results they desire.

Your goal is to stay healthy, to trust the process that your coaches or trainers taught you, and to stay on track with the program. 

No need to take shortcuts for getting that result. Look for ways to get healthy. 

Learning what to put in your body.

If you really want to get long-term results then understanding and learning how to fuel your body without restricting yourself is the answer. 

Don't depend on diet restrictions. 

Make healthy choices that will help you reach your goal.

You don't have to be an expert to understand what your body needs.

But you need to have that relationship with your nutrition.

Take note of everything that you're eating and how that food will impact you in the long run. 

Sometimes we feel some things in our body that we thought are normal.

In reality, those are the effects of the food that we feed our bodies. 

Reconsider your options. Reflect on your approach. Repeat the process.

We can provide you the fuel to push you closer to your goal in fitness. 

You just have to reconsider some of the options that are out there.

Give yourself the time to reflect on how you will approach your journey.

Then repeat the process you took to reach the goal that you've always wanted.



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