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Definition of a PATHLETE

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2021

We’ve said this before, but you, our Pathletes truly are our inspirations. We do what we do at the gym because we are inspired and motivated by your stories and energy.

There’s this moment we coaches talk about, we call it the “spark”.  The spark happens after a few weeks of coming into the gym, and one day it just clicks - the gears fall into place, and fitness becomes fun for you. We live for those moments because we know what comes soon after - a better, more balanced, healthy lifestyle.

What you do at the gym has an incredible ripple effect: your improved ability to be the master of your goals increases your power to motivate others to make their fitness a priority, which in turn will change their lives.

This positive by-product of coming to the gym every day, doing the work, and commitment to putting yourself first - is the seed that keeps our community growing.


Thank you for everything that you do, for staying on this Pathway with us. Let’s keep breaking all those barriers!


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