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Pathway Podcast: Use your GPS with Clint Henson

podcast Aug 19, 2021

In this episode, we talk about the value of guidance and direction, and we tell the story of one of our Pathletes: Clint Henson.

Clint started his journey on his own at first, doing diets and programs that delivered short-term results that would be gone the minute he went off track.

"Needle movers" are habits we have to change to get to where we want. Clint's needle mover was wanting to lose weight and get healthy. 

After being over 300lbs, and trying everything - Clint's now lost 60lbs and has been crushing it at the gym for the last 6 months. He's also about to smash his ultimate goal - being in the best shape of his life by 40!

The reason? Having a guide, a game plan and a community helps keep you accountable, on track, and boosts your drive. All that leads to faster, consistent, and less painful results. 


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