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Mobility and Beating Pain

We get a good number of clients who come to us and talk about the daily pain that keeps them from moving. 

They're worried that adding exercise will make this pain worse... 

More often than not, exercise can be the fix to these problems...

On yesterday’s episode of The Pathway Podcast - we shared a piece of Derek Kruse's story.

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He had spent over a year trying to ease the back pain that he’d been left with after a terrible car accident. On his search for relief- he’s gone through outpatient care, chiropractors, you name it - he’s probably tried it.

The doctors told Derek he had only one option left - spinal fusion surgery. 

Before this major surgery, he decided to meet with us and for about a week, we worked on his mobility as well as his overall fitness. After this week, Derek’s back pain was gone. 

While this sounds like the stuff of miracles, it isn’t - it’s simple, real fitness.

We worked together to create a game plan that works, centered around effective movements that ultimately helps improve his quality of life. Derek had worked out before, but he wasn't seeing or feeling results - or as he says “I wasn’t really seeing progress”.

Now, Derek is pain-free and says he actually feels better than he did at 20. 

Pain is the inevitable result of previous injuries and the sedentary lifestyles we're sometimes forced to live from our work routines.

It can be hard to believe that movement is what helps ease this pain, especially when it hurts the most when you move.

We get it, we really do. But after working with our clients, what they discover is that when you increase your movement, and you do it with the right plan and movement, so many of those aches and pains can go away. 

Motion is Lotion is a phrase we borrowed from my beautiful wife Dr. Taylor Andrews, Clinic Director of Lake Houston Physical Therapy.

It simply means that moving our problem joints in the right way is much better than not moving them at all.

This is why post-surgery therapy is laser-focused on getting you moving and using the post-op joint as soon as possible. 

It’s best to consult a doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially if you’re recovering from a prior injury. But please remember, that no strength training or mobility exercise should be done with “go hard or go home” in mind. It’s all about getting you better, helping ease your pain, and getting you steps closer to your overall fitness goals. 

Don’t let pain keep you from moving, instead let movement be the way you beat it.

The more you avoid it, the worse it’ll get and your little problem will turn into a much bigger one.

If you’re ready to start moving better and would like to get on the right path to full mobility - book a call with us, and we’d be happy to help you!

Remember to Keep Moving,

- Rex

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