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How To Get Long Term Results

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2021

The #1 thing you need to get long term results is CONSISTENCY

I will share with you how I was able to achieve my fitness goal.

Just to give you a brief warning, it's not easy as it sounds.

It's going to be hard, exhausting, and did I say, hard?

But hey, if I made it, why can't you?

All you need is a little bit of what we call - CONSISTENCY.

Before I got the results, I put in the work.

Crazy as it may seem, but working out was really fun for me.

Like most of my clients, (or readers) they started out with uncertainty.

"Can I do this?"

"Do I have what it takes?"

The honest answer to that is a resounding YES.

You just have to dig deep, and believe in yourself that you can.

So if you want to know more about how to get those results, let's dive right in.

Build your foundation in your fitness goal.

You have to understand that there will be distractions or challenges along the way.

But as coaches, we are here to help you throughout your journey.

As we said, it's not always going to be rainbows and butterflies.

It's a long, hard, and tiring process that only a few can withstand.

But if you know, and understand what your goal is then it's all going to be worth it.

Ask yourself the reason why you are doing this, then build upon that.

Check out my previous blog about how fitness can make you feel good.

Overcoming hurdles along the way.

There will be days that you feel like stopping.

"Maybe this is just another one of those activities that I can't finish."

If you have that mindset, change how you think.

In everything we do in life there will be challenges, but how will you go above them?

One thing that we believe in is working out with a support group/community.

Check out my previous blog about why you should work out with a group.

To have a support system that helps you out in times of difficulties can go a long way.

That's the exact reason why we are able to reach goals because we have built this type of relationship with another.

Working out in groups is way more fun, than doing it alone. 

Consistency in everything.

This is applicable to anything that we do or go through in life.

Staying consistent, staying in the course, and staying patient.

Have the game plan on how you can reach the top.

Be smart on how you do this. 

Do not be overwhelmed with things, and don't be intimidated.

Remember that being intimidated is the result of not being prepared.

Patience in waiting for the results. 

Some may get fast results, others may take a while.

Small growth, or big - it's still progress.


For everything that you've read, the main point of this blog is to emphasize consistency.

Many people don't succeed because of their impatience.

Because they want to take the shortcuts.

They want instant results when it's better to earn it the right way.

Be true to who you are, stay in the path, and just believe in yourself.

If you're looking to get your fitness journey started, give us a call. 

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