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The Worst Advice.... Ever!

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

Go hard or go home.

At one point in our lives, we came across this advice, and there are two ways to go about this; you either follow it or not.

It may be good advice or bad advice but when it comes to fitness it really is terrible. 

It creates an all-or-nothing mindset.

Pushing yourself hard is not the best way to attain a specific goal - it's staying committed to your gameplan, trusting the process, being smart with how you treat your body, and constantly moving around to keep the energy flowing.

Some people will push themselves to exhaustion because that's the mindset that they were accustomed to, but the reality is it will only increase your chance of hurting yourself. That's something that we are trying to avoid when training. 

It doesn't mean you are quitting, you just have to keep moving.

Doing medium workouts are great.

Heck, even light workouts can be perfect too.

What we are aiming for is that you stay in shape to get the best version of yourself so you can be there for your family, and feel good about yourself.

In order to do that, we have to vary the intensity of our workouts. 

Start with light workouts, then slowly work your way up.

Results don't come fast.

We want instant results - people they take shortcuts or the easy way out.

But, you have to work for it, but that doesn't mean that you have to constantly push yourself to the brink of pain, and exhaustion. No, results come to those who patiently wait, and those who did the work. 

Knowing your body can help you out in understanding what your body needs. You don't need to constantly wear yourself out. Be smart, there are other ways out there that can help you. Exercise daily, follow your nutrition plan, get enough rest, and live a healthy lifestyle. 

Consistency is the key building block.

Consistency is the key to everything that you want to achieve.

Without it, you'll end up doing the same thing over and over and over again and have no direction at all.

Once you laid down your goal, you have to have that plan of attack where you start building layers of a strong foundation. 

Think of it as like building a house - a house that is well built has a solid, and strong foundation. Consistency is your foundation. Without that, you won't achieve your goal.

Plan. Attack. Results.



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