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What is Functional Training

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2021

It's a lot easier than you think.

There are a lot of different types of training. 

But one thing that we do at Pathway is Functional Training.

You may have heard of it somewhere, but in this post, we will go in-depth. 

What is Functional Training?

It's just training that has a purpose

It focuses on movement patterns that have a purpose.

A question you might ask is what exactly is that purpose?

Basically, it is anything that can be related to getting better, and comfortable with everyday activities. 

Overall, it improves your body's ability to move without the fear of attaining an injury.

If you're into sports, this is the type of training for you.

Why Functional Training?

Unlike other types of training, this improves our body's ability to work efficiently as a unit.

Allowing our muscle groups to train at the same time. it helps our body to function better as a whole. 

Training different parts of our body will keep us safe from future injuries.

Some types of training will push your body to the limit which can result in hurting you.

And we don't want that. 

The main purpose of training is for you to be stronger. 

What Can I Get From Functional Training?

It will improve your coordination, balance, and body awareness.

Moving our body, requires a certain level of coordination. 

In addition to that are focus and core strength.

This is why compound movements are ideal for building core strength, and stability.

The more you train functionally, the better you'll become at working your entire body system.

It also improves your kinesthetic awareness which will keep you safe.

What Are Examples of Functional Training?

Here are some examples where you can incorporate into your routine:

  • suitcase squat
  • push-up
  • lateral lunge
  • bent-over row
  • deadlift
  • single-leg deadlift
  • medicine ball rotational throw


At Pathway, this is the type of training we do. It allows our body to perform well, and the ability to stay injury-free is what we care about. 

You can do this whether you are in your home. 

Start including this in your daily routine to keep that body moving with purpose.

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