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How To Enjoy Your Fitness Routine

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021

A rare thing to find nowadays is doing something you enjoy.

As a fitness coach, I enjoy helping people figure out their road to fitness.

Guiding them in their journey, and encouraging them to push through.

But before I even start, I need to tell you one thing.

You need to learn how to enjoy your fitness routine.

How do I enjoy my routine?

What you need to know is that each routine has a specific purpose to allow our bodies to build upon that.

Of course, there are times where we might feel too exhausted.

Don't worry, I have another nugget for you.

I'm going to share a secret. 

Working out wasn't fun. IT WAS REALLY FUN.

It wasn't easy though, I had times where my body was really sore.

But I understood what it would require me to reach my goal.

And because of that realization, I became smarter in my approach.

Understanding our body has limits.

There's is a saying that goes, "go-hard or go-home". 

It's the same as the "all-or-nothing" mentality. 

Check out my previous blog about why all-or-nothing is terrible advice.

We have to know that our bodies have certain limits.

And if you constantly push yourself hard to the point of exhaustion

It won't be fun but dreadful.

That's the thing you have to avoid. 

Focus on the good, not on the bad.

In every situation, there is a good, and a bad.

It's the balance of life. You cannot appreciate good, without the bad.

When you wake up in the morning, decide on who you want to be.

Are you going to live this day to the fullest?

Or just stay in bed, and wait for god-knows-what-you-are-expecting-to-happen.

Enjoying routine every day begins at the time you wake up. 

Engage in a support group.

Check out my previous blog about why having a support group is great.

What makes sets us apart from other fitness brands is that we have a proven, and tested way of systems to fitness.

One of those is the togetherness that we have forged inside the gym. 

That is another level to enjoying your exercise, your workout, or your nutrition.

Having that group you can lean on is an advantage.

You are motivated when you see people work hard, and that makes you want to work hard too. 

When you are challenged in a good way, you will enjoy the competition, the bonding, the family type of relationship that you built. 

There really is no secret to enjoying your routine. 

It has to come from the inside. It's on you to enjoy it.

What we can do is guide you, show you how we overcame hurdles.


As we try to do our workouts every day, challenge yourself to be better. 

If you don't challenge yourself, who will?

It's your fitness, it's your health, and we care about you.

The question is, are you ready to enjoy and challenge yourself?

If you need any help in finding success in your fitness, book us a call. 


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