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What To Do About Bad Habits & Temptations

Uncategorized May 04, 2021


What are habits? 

It is a behavior that starts as a choice and then becomes a nearly unconscious pattern. 

And no matter how simple or complex, it has a structure that is called a "habit loop."

Basically, these are things that go unnoticed because we didn't really realize that we are stuck in this habit by doing it over, and over again.

Now, if there are good habits, let's talk about bad habits.

It's pretty much the same, you just add the negative side of what you are doing.

What makes my habits - bad?

Some of the identified bad habits are procrastination, fidgeting, overspending, stereotyping, gossips, bullying, and nail-biting. 

I honestly think that out of all the words mentioned, there's at least 1 that we struck out.

How do we break a bad habit, and replace it with a good one?

Simply put it this way, you can't do it by yourself alone.

You need help from people around you. 

Why? Human beings find it hard to admit their mistakes or their bad behaviors.

The best way to know your bad habits is by asking someone to tell you the truth.

And really, the truth hurts.

But it's the only thing that can keep you from doing bad habits.

Wait, but how exactly does a bad habit come into fitness?

An example I can give you is procrastination. 

What is it? It's the act of delaying or putting off tasks until the last minute.

Let's say you are in a fitness program, you have your schedule, you have your routine, and all that.

Then in the middle of what you are doing, you got tired. 

You decided to pack your bags and went straight home. 

Thinking that you've done enough for the day, and you can just do it again tomorrow.

It may sound like you are trying to play your cards safe.

But what actually happens is that the more you put off these routines, you will see yourself not doing workouts anymore because your mind has been accustomed to skipping the tasks.

You have to replace your bad habits with good habits.

That's why as coaches, we do our best to guide you to your fitness goal.

We always say to our clients that to be successful, you have to do the work.

No one will do the work for you, only you are accountable for what you want to happen.

Start day by day, evaluate the bad habits that you notice.

Then, slowly replace them with different activities to push your mind away.

It is tempting to skip routines, to cheat yourself from doing workouts.

But falling into temptation can be avoided.

Just have the right mindset going in. 

Whatever you do, you must focus on what is in front of you.

No matter how hard it gets, as long as you know what you are doing, then keep doing it.

It's hard to stay committed if you see no results, but it's even harder to quit without knowing the feeling of fighting. 

I know it's not easy as it sounds, but that's exactly why we are here.


We can all fall into temptation, prone to bad habits but the way we can overcome those things is if we commit to ourselves.

It's hard to do the work, the grind, but shift your focus.

Look at things from a different angle, and that may be the key to fueling your desire.

Keep going, replace the bad habits, and avoid falling into temptation.

If you are looking for help to guide you to our program, give us a call.


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