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Growth Beyond Your Goals: Bobby Eldridge

Our Clients Transformations Continue to Inspire Us

We love hearing from our clients what really made the difference in their lives, and why after a lifetime of struggling with weight, what they did with us finally helped them make the change they wanted to see. 

Bobby is a great example of this.

We've been sharing Bobby's journey since December 2019 when he started with us at 353 lbs. This interview is from September 2020, just 9 months later when he had dropped over 100 lbs!

What Happens After the weight loss is just as important to us

The last thing we want is for. someone to come to us to take control of their health, and the change they make doesn't stick. That's why we're sharing this interview now. 

Bobby has continued to push himself and grow in his health over the last year. 

Bobby is confident working out on his own and continues to inspire and push others. (including getting his wife started in her fitness journey)

Check out this interview for a truly inspiring perspective and some motivation to continue to Grow Beyond Your Goals

In This Interview Bobby Discusses: 

- Surgery vs Exercise for Weight Loss

- What a better relationship with nutrition means to him

- Why his health is so important

- and motivation for how to frame your fitness journey

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