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67 Year Old Trainer Climbs Kilimanjaro for Charity

motivation Jul 16, 2021

 When Do You Stop Pushing Yourself? 

We all have things we’ve all wanted to accomplish - but we were held back by our own fears. We’ve all been there, telling ourselves we’re too tired, too busy, maybe we’ve even thought that we were too old for our own dreams. 

At Pathway training, one of our foundational beliefs is that everyone deserves to get the most out of life. To achieve that, we must always stay healthy - no matter our age.

Our Coach Mike Clearman is the living, breathing example of that principle

 ”I just hope that when the Good Lord takes me home, he does it in the afternoon so I can get my workout in the morning.” - Mike Clearman

That quote was one of the first things Mike had told me during our interview for him to start training with us at Pathway over a year ago. He had just retired from a long career in oil and gas...and despite all that- he knew he wasn’t done pushing his limits. Now that he had the time, he was going to pursue his lifelong passion for fitness as a career. He’s put more time and energy into learning the art of training than 90% of people who enter the fitness industry. (and from the looks of it, he’s far from done)

If you’ve trained with Mike at the gym you know he is one of the nicest, most patient guys. He’s incredibly passionate about helping his clients have a great workout and enjoy their movement.

His story and passion for fitness will exceed your expectations. 

We like to talk about taking control of your fitness- for life. And if that slogan had a poster child - it would be Mike. At 67 years old, the age where most people say they’re done and that they’re too old, or that they can’t do something. Mike’s just casually killing the game. 

Mike is in better shape than almost anybody I know. When we work out together, Mike pushes our entire team to our limits - with the majority of them being a third his age. 

He's Basically the nicest version imaginable of The Hulk

(seriously, look at how jacked this dude is!

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Tomorrow (July 2021) Mike and his wife Gail are hiking the highest peak in Africa. An 8-day adventure, trekking well above 19,000 ft. 

At any age, this would be an incredible physical challenge, but with the Clearmans in their sixties, they've had to take extra precautions to make sure they were ready to accomplish this goal.

For over 6 months, they've put themselves through intensive daily training. They've prioritized this goal in their life to make sure they're in the best shape possible for it. 

It’s definitely amazing - but what’s even more amazing is that the Clearmans aren’t doing this simply to tick a box on a goal list. They’ve taken the time to train and push themselves daily to do something that is far greater than themselves. 

Their purpose on this mission is to raise money to repair water wells to help provide clean drinking water to the people of Malawi Africa.

Child Legacy International is a Christian non-profit organization working in Africa to transform lives by providing opportunities that break the generational cycle of poverty and despair and support each person’s pursuit of their God-given destiny.

So, when exactly do you stop pushing yourself?

Taking a page from Mike and Gail’s book - the answer is NEVER. They're driven by bringing awareness and help to those less fortunate than them. Mike and Gail have found the “why” that fuels them - the “why” that will push them for 8 long days towards the peak. 

I do hope that their story inspires you to find your own “why’s” and to turn your passions into motivation.

Never stop looking for how you can grow, how you can do more, and how you can contribute. We should all aspire to create, be a part, and grow into someone larger than who we currently are - this is what gives life meaning. Things only get harder when you slow down. 

Mike and Gail are a true inspiration for me and my family. Thank you for taking your goals 19,341ft above ground - we can’t wait to see you at the peak! 

- Rex
To everyone reading this, we’d love to ask you to check out Mike & Gail’s Fundraiser right here. Whatever you can give, regardless of whether you donate or share this page to raise awareness, would go such a long way.


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