About Us

Real Fitness for Real Lifestyles

Finding time for yourself and your fitness can seem unattainable. It doesn’t have to be.

We say this because this is what we teach, and what we live...

We’ve worked for nearly a decade...

To come up with a process that helps you get in the shape and health that you want - while still killing it at work and still enjoying your life.

We understand that real fitness matters most in the context of YOU.

Your game plan has to fit your life and serve your goals, not be cookie cutter.

So, let's have a conversation, tell us what your fitness goals are -and we’ll guide you towards taking full control of your health and fitness for life.

Our team has a ton of different experiences and expertise in fitness and nutrition. We're here to help you no matter where you're starting your fitness journey from.

Our Team

Rex Andrews


Expertise: Strength Training/Corrective Exercise

"My mission is for people to continue to challenge themselves and accomplish goals so they can get the most out of life. We created Pathway to make that as enjoyable as possible."

Jonathan Canales


Expertise: Nutrition

"I have struggled losing weight for most of my life. I know what it's like to not have confidence in yourself because you feel fat. I want to help people use exercise and nutrition to gain confidence and be the best version of themselves."

Lexie Murphy


Expertise: Flexibility/Mobility

"I’m just completed my master's from UH and I am focused on helping individuals achieve their goals and aiding them in creating a balanced and holistic life through fitness. I’m glad I am able to do that with this Family of Pathletes. "

Mike Clearman


Expertise: Life-long wellness

"Being a personal trainer has always been a dream of mine. After many years in oil and gas, I finally decided it was time to pursue my dream. Everyone deserves to get the most out of life. One thing I have discovered is you are never too old or poorly conditioned to realize your fitness goals. All you need is a desire to get healthy and a well thought out plan."

Peyton Mickelson


Expertise: Sports Performance

"I just graduated from Mississippi State University where I competed on the track and field team. I am passionate about helping everyone find their inner athlete and tapping into their full potential. Fitness has shaped and created so many incredible moments in my life and I love helping others experience the same."

Susie Downs


Expertise: Endurance athletes/ Marathon Running

Susie is an ultra-marathon runner and the Director of Kingwood Fit. She is incredibly understanding and compassionate with her clients in helping them take a holistic approach to their fitness.

Pathway Internship Program

Are you interested in becoming a personal trainer? Do you have a passion for crushing goals? Our internship is for you! Through our internship, you will learn everything you need to acquire your personal training certification. We partner with NASM to help produce the next generation of trainers. In the internship, you will learn:

* Conducting private and group training sessions

* Social Media Marketing

* Online Personal Training

* Business Development

* Hands-on experience to prepare you for any personal training certification

* Shadow private and group training sessions

* Enhance program design skills

* Building personal relationships with clients


We're so confident in our process, all of our programs come with a


If you're ready to finally get the results you're after, book a consultation with us now and let's get you moving towards your ultimate goal!

Internship Alumni

Over the last few years, we've had the privilege of working with some amazing students with our internship program.

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